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10 Minute Challenge: Make Your Creative To-Do List

10 Minute Challenge: Make Your Creative To-Do List - Make a list of what makes you happy and get started on it today. Click to start now!

Why have a creative to-do list?

Many of us make to-do lists for the parts of our lives that we want to stay organized: tasks at work, chores around the house, shopping lists, etc.  But what about a to-do list for the things you actually want to do? Hence, a creative to-do list.

Do you have ten minutes (or less)? Good, let’s get started.

Give yourself 2 – 3 minutes to sit down and list as many ideas as possible. Don’t get stuck on the idea of what is considered creative vs. what is not. Anything is creative if you want it to be – even if it is cleaning your house. A few ideas to consider while brainstorming:

  • How do I want to spend my time?
  • What would I do if I had all the time in the world to complete it?
  • What is something new I want to learn?
  • What makes me happy?

Take a look below to see my list.

My Creative To-Do List | Katy @ Greens & Blues Co.

When you are finished brainstorming, go through your list and and decide what to try first.  If, like me, you have a long list, it may be helpful to make notes in order to decide what to try first (See mine below). For example, I want to learn how to garden. However, in the beginning of February, this would be pretty much the worst time of year to start to garden (if, like me, you live in the Midwest). So I made a note on there to start reading up on gardening starting in April.

When I was done making notes, I went through and numbered the tasks to give myself a better idea of what order I am going to complete them in. Truthfully, I doubt I will complete them in this order. I will probably complete the first 2 – 3 in the order I laid out, but by the time I get to the rest, I will have changed my mind or I might be interested in something else. AND THAT’S OKAY. You are always free to change your mind.

My Creative To-Do List | Katy @ Greens & Blues Co.

So based off my list, I am going to focus on painting with my kids and learning how to hand-letter. I already found a class I want to sign up for – check it out if you are interested.

What did you decide? Hopefully you came up with a list of ideas that make you happy and that you look forward to working on! Leave me a comment and tell me what is at the top of your creative to-do list.


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