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10 Minute Challenge: Who Are Your Creative Collaborators?

10 Minute Challenge: Who Are Your Creative Collaborators. Click to take a ten minute creative challenge.

Today for a quick creative exercise, I want you take a few minutes and think about: Who are your go-to creative people?

These are any and all people that you could potentially collaborate with in some way. Now no one says that you actually have to take part in any kind of creative collaboration, but if a situation arose where you needed feedback, perspective, fun, etc., it would be helpful to have an idea of where to turn.

As you read through each of the descriptions, make a note about the person or people that come to mind when you read each description.

Who Do You Go to for Creative Inspiration?

Who inspires you? You love what they do, what they create, what they make, etc. You may or may not know them, but that does not really matter. Something about their work keeps drawing you back.

Who Do You Go to for Creative Advice?

Who is your go to person for feedback? Is it your closest friend? Maybe, but maybe not. Instead of going to someone who loves you so dearly they do not want to hurt your feelings, maybe it would be better to go to someone who can be brutally honest with you.

Is there someone who knows more about the topic than you do, that you turn to for advice, or to pick his or her brain?

Who Do You Go to for a Fun, Creative Outlet?

Do you have a go to person for a relaxing, but creative activity? Someone to take a knitting class with, or even just to sit side by side as you work on separate, fun projects? If not, make a list of people you could potentially contact.

Who Do You Go to for a Creative Partnership?

You may not have any desire to start a business  of any kind, but if you did and you had to have a partner, who would it be with? Who would you work well with? Mesh with?

Besides just starting a business, there are all kinds of potential creative partnerships that could take place. Who would you team up with at work if you had the opportunity to work on a project together? Who do you know that loves DIY projects and would love to collaborate with you?

Take a few minutes to think of someone who fits each description. Your challenge: choose one person and reach out to them. Pitch them an idea about something you could collaborate on. Contact them today!


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