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Last Call – Check Your Creativity

Check Your Creativity: Who's up for a challenge? Click here to sign up a year long creativity challenge broken down into month long mini-challenges - all designed by you! Click here to find out more and how to sign up.

This is your final reminder that Check Your Creativity starts September first (get all of the details and sign up here). If you are on the fence about committing to anything for a full year, remember the great thing about Check Your Creativity is that you take it month by month.

Commit to practicing your creativity in September. See how it goes. If you like it, continue into October. If it’s not for you, stop after September – it is as simple as that!

Here’s one more opportunity to get access all of the resources I have shared for Check Your Creativity so far.

Click here to sign up for Check Your Creativity - a year long creativity challenge.


One final thought on Check Your Creativity. I was asked why I would launch a year-long project now, in September, as opposed to waiting for the beginning of the year. I decided to start Check Your Creativity now for several reasons and wanted to share them because I thought some (or all) of them could be applicable to you as well as you make creativity a part of your daily life.

  1. I had the idea and didn’t want to wait until January. I thought it sounded like fun and a great challenge and didn’t see the point in waiting to get started.
  2. This has always been my favorite time of year, for a variety of reasons, one of them being that I always loved going back to school (nerd alert). The beginning of the school year was always a fresh start and so is the Check Your Creativity Challenge.
  3. I like to be different. Everybody starts something in January.
  4. There is no point in waiting to make a change in your life that you want to make. I want to make it a point to challenge myself creatively over the next year, so I will start now.

In case you are interested…

My creative focus for the month of September is visual thinking. Visual thinking is something that I have been interested in for awhile. Back in the Spring I did a lot of reading on visual thinking and got started with it. I have really been enjoying it and have tried to incorporate it into different creative practices. I chose it for my first month of Check Your Creativity because I thought it would be a good one to get started with because I currently do not need to learn anything new, I just need to practice. But, I’m excited to see what I create by the end of September. If you are interested in joining in for some visual thinking, click here to read a post I wrote about getting started with illustrating your ideas.

p..s. If you aren’t interested in joining Check Your Creativity, no worries. This is the last week I will be talking about it here. If you want to continue to hear about it, make sure you sign up here.

p.p.s. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being on Jess Van Den’s podcast Create & Thrive. We talked about Igniting Your Creative Spark. You can listen to it here or find it on iTunes.


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