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5 Facts About Creativity You Need to Know

I think one of the coolest, most interesting things about creativity, is that it looks different for everyone. You and I can both consider ourselves creative people, but the style of our creativity looks very different. At the same time, maybe we both consider ourselves to not be creative people, however if we took a closer look, we use creativity throughout the day – even if you are not an artist or something that is considered more traditionally creative.



Creativity is for everyone. Creativity is not exclusive to professional artists and the like. Everyone is creative. No longer can a lack of creativity be your excuse to not do what is going to make you happy.


Creativity and learning are intertwined. For me, creativity goes hand in hand with learning. The more skills I learn or acquire, the more creative I can be. At times, I have had flashes of inspiration, but did not necessarily possess the skills to execute my ideas. Therefore, by learning and then practicing new skills, my creativity has expanded.


Creativity is a skill that must be practiced. So many people, adults and kids alike, say things like, “I am awful at drawing” or “I’m not creative.” Of course you feel that way, when is the last time you practiced drawing? I am awful at a lot of things that I have not spent time practicing over the last twenty years. Creativity and creative ventures require practice. If you want to be good at something, you have to practice it – you have to actually do it.


Living a creative life is different for everyone. My creative path will look different from yours. That’s okay, it is individual to each of us.


Creativity is important. It enhances your life and makes you feel alive. It does not matter if you are a car mechanic, a stay at home parent, an accountant, a teacher, or an artist, creativity can enhance your life – at work and at home.


No matter what role creativity is currently playing in your life, sometimes you get stuck. What’s the best way to get unstuck? Do something. Make something. Create something. But, what to create?

My free course (this is the last one currently), Creative Spark, is just that – creative prompts. It is 4 workbooks with various creative prompts. There is no need to feel like you have to complete all of them, but they are a great resource to turn to whenever you are feeling stuck, or just want to have a little fun.

For a sneak peak, check out this post where I complete one of the prompts.

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