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August Inspiration List

As July turns into August, I thought I would share a few things that are currently inspiring me.

Something to make – Even though this movie came out awhile ago now, this is definitely still on my list.  While I do know how to knit, I think I am going to have to up my game to be able to make this.  I have seen many patterns on Ravelry, so now I just need to choose one and get started.

Something to learn – Graphic design is an area I have been interested in for awhile, but have yet to learn much about it. This could be a good way to start. It reminds me of using flashcards when I was younger to learn multiplication tables.

Something to stay organized – I love everything that Mary Kate McDevitt does.  I took one of her classes on Skillshare and am so impressed with all of her beautiful lettering. I am unabashedly jealous of her. I’m going to order this.

Something to read and decorate with – this is fantastic. All of the beautiful prints are 4×4 and easy to tear out.  I have been finding different places around my house to hang them – starting with my daughter’s room.

Something to help me work with others – this website is a great tool for organizing brainstorms – by yourself or with others.

What is currently inspiring you?

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