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Book Love: Ish

I am a big proponent of adults reading children's books. Ish by Peter H. Reynolds is a perfect place to start.

I am in love with every book written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Ish is no different. Obviously they are beautiful to look at, but more importantly they are written in such a way that there are usually several important messages on topics such as creativity and kindness.

So go read the book. It will take you 5 minutes or less.

A Short Overview:

Ramon loves to draw and spends his time churning out masterpieces until one day, after an offhand comment from his older brother, Ramon, he stops drawing because he realizes he cannot be perfect. Eventually his little sister, Marisol, helps him realize that he does not have to be perfect, instead he can have his own take on it and that in it of itself is a masterpiece.

My Takeaways:

How many of us have been in Ramon’s shoes?

What if we all had a Marisol in our lives? That one person who not only champions us, but allows us to see the world a little differently?

I Challenge You:

To be someone’s Marisol this week. Go out of your way to compliment someone for taking a risk, for putting themselves out there, or embarking on a creative venture.

Reflect: Have you ever been someone’s Leon? Whether it was purposeful or not. Unfortunately it seems as though many people have Leon’s in their life – even well meaning family members or friends who are not intentionally making hurtful or mean-spirited comments, but nonetheless the comments stuck. This week, try to be a Marisol, and if you find yourself being a Leon – make it right.

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