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Book Love: The Dot By Peter H. Reynolds

You should be reading children's books (for yourself) and you should start with The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

As I have mentioned in the past, I love books. I read a lot of them, skim through a lot of them, and plan on reading even more of them. I read fiction, non-fiction, YA, and just about every genre you can imagine. However, not until I started teaching did I realize how amazing children’s books are. As a 7th grade history teacher my students are way too advanced to be reading children’s books, but yet I use them all the time with my classes.

Two reasons I use children’s books so often. First, they are often beautifully illustrated, just flipping through the pages can be inspiring. Second, the authors of children’s books get to the point. Kids do not have long attentions spans – neither do most adults – so a book that gets straight to the point is fantastic. With my classes, I often use children’s books as a way to introduce a complicated topic in a more basic way, or as a hook to get them interested in what we are learning next.

There are so many amazing children’s books out there that are obviously great for kids, but also have a message that can be extremely helpful to many adults. So in the future look for me to share children’s books in addition to adult books.

The Dot is one of my favorite children’s books. I am a Peter H. Reynolds fan. I think it is safe to say that I love everything written and illustrated him – I will definitely be sharing more of his books in the future. I will let you read The Dot yourself, but the moral of the story – just start. Everyone needs to start somewhere. In reality, there are a number of important takeaways from this book, but that is the one that stuck with me.

Is there something you are afraid to start?

Is it learning something new? Starting a new business? Meeting new people?

What’s holding you back?

It has taken me awhile to start Greens & Blues Co. Longer than it should, mainly because I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before I “launched.” But truthfully, I was also afraid. Of what? Mainly people I care about thinking it was stupid. It is scary to put yourself out there, and I was worried (still am) about the opinions of people I care about.

I spent almost a year brainstorming, gathering ideas, planning, etc. Finally I just had to start. My website is far from perfect. There is a lot that I would like to change – create a logo, get help with the layout and design of the website, take better photographs, and much more. But finally I had to stop making excuses and just start. It is not perfect, but at least I have a starting point now. It is better than not doing anything. All of that stuff can be changed/improved as I practice those skills more and more.  I can’t improve any of that stuff if I never started.

Read The Dot– it will only take 5 minutes.

What do you need to start?

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