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BYOC August – Show Your Work

Looking for a fun, easy way to practice your creativity this summer? Join BYOC: Bring Your Own Creativity. Click to find out more.

Today’s the day – time to share how you responded to the August prompt.

August’s Prompt: Travel

Your response to the prompt could have been about a trip you have taken, somewhere you want to go, or even something you could use on an adventure!


Unlike last month, I had so many ideas thinking about this prompt…perhaps too many ideas. It seems like having too many ideas can sometimes be even worse than not have any. It is difficult to know where to start or to trust which one is best when you are overflowing with ideas, because they can’t all be good. Right?

I wanted to do everything from making a mini-scrapbook to script art to knitting something I could use on a future trip. In the end, I decided to keep it a little more simple, yet still challenge myself.

Early this year, I signed up for Caroline of Made Vibrant’s Better Lettering Course (it’s awesome and only $20). Since then, I have been trying to practice hand-lettering here and there. When I am on Pinterest, I drool over all the beautiful examples of hand-lettering that are out there and then want to do them myself. I definitely need to commit more time to it. I am still very much a novice.

Despite that, I thought it would be a great time to pick a quote to hand-letter. Because the prompt for this month is travel, I picked an Irish proverb to hand-letter.  I have been to Ireland twice and it is my favorite. It’s definitely one of my happy places. I can’t wait to go back again.

When I was done hand-lettering the Irish proverb, I used Photoshop to play around with a photo my husband took on our last trip to Ireland and then pasted the hand-lettering on the photograph. (I learned how to do this using this tutorial).

It is by no means great, but I do like the way it turned out.

Looking for a fun, easy way to practice your creativity this summer? Join BYOC: Bring Your Own Creativity. Click to find out more.

Most importantly, I challenged myself to try something creative that I am not really good at (yet). That can be hard to do. Often times, we want to default to what is easy and what we are good it, because it can be a little scary to go out of our comfort zone. But, I am happy I did.

Now that you saw how I responded to the prompt, don’t forget about these inspiring ladies who practice creativity in different and awesome ways, Be sure to check them out and see how they responded to the July prompt.

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final Thoughts on BYOC

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in BYOC this summer. It was so much fun and inspiring to see what everyone made and created based on the same prompts. It is so cool to see how all of our creative minds work in different ways.

If you didn’t join in BYOC this year, I hope you will reconsider next time around.

Don’t forget to share your response to the August prompt!  I can’t wait to see how you responded to the prompt and what you created. Be sure to use #byocreativity.

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