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BYOC – July’s Prompt

Looking for a fun, easy way to practice your creativity this summer? Join BYOC: Bring Your Own Creativity. Click to find out more.

Whether you are just joining us for BYOC or you participated in June as well, I’m so happy you are here. In June, I had the pleasure of seeing so many creative ways to respond to the prompt of summer. I’m really excited to see how everyone responds to July’s prompt.

Once again, this prompt is very open-ended. However, I think that is part of what makes this project so great is that it allows for all different types of creatives to participate and share their ideas with others.

July’s Prompt:

Make a gift for someone

Many of us give gifts around the winter holidays or on birthdays, but what better time to give one than when it is totally unexpected?

BYOC - Summer 2016. July's Prompt - Make a gift for someone!Your response to this prompt can be simple or elaborate – it’s totally your call. It can be as easy as taking 15 minutes to make a handmade card for someone (don’t forget to send it!) to something much more elaborate such as building a treehouse. Mine probably won’t be that elaborate:)

I like this prompt because by making something for someone else you are sharing your creativity + you are giving yourself the gift of time to practice your own creativity. Win Win!

I can’t wait to see what you make!

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