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Cheers = Good Wishes

If you are signed up to receive my newsletter, you may have noticed that the name for my newsletter is “Cheers.” (If you aren’t signed up yet, click on the graphic below to sign up now). Today I thought I would share a little behind the scenes on how I landed on this particular name.

Cheers = Good Wishes 

The word “cheers” has several meanings, all based on the idea of expressing good wishes. In particular, cheers refers to good wishes before drinking, good wishes on parting or ending a conversation, and gratitude or acknowledgment for something (Dictionary.com).

In normal conversations, we often hear cheers used as a toast or if you are British, it can be used as way of saying thank you or goodbye.

So why then did I use it to name my newsletter?

It is a mission of mine to be friendly and to express gratitude whenever possible. This does not mean that I need to be walking up to randoms on the street and starting conversations with people that have no interest in talking to me, rather I try to always use good manners, to smile at people, and have a positive attitude as often as possible.  I find that if I actually accomplish this, I am a happier person.

Therefore, by naming my newsletter Cheers, it is my way of starting each newsletter by thanking you for taking the time to read this each week. I know you are busy and I truly appreciate it. I hope that you are benefitting from it in some way. Seeing that word “Cheers” each week serves as a great reminder for me to be grateful (plus I really like the way it sounds).

As I have previously mentioned, I believe creativity is different for everyone, but for me, I am at my most creative when I am relaxed, happy, and content. Creativity and a positive attitude go hand in hand – this might not be true for everyone, but I have found this works best for me. My best ideas surface when I have a positive attitude which is often the result of being friendly and having good manners.

Your challenge for the week? Determine what type of mood you are generally in when you are most creative or when you get your best ideas. Once you determine this, decide what changes you can make to your life to replicate that mood as often as possible. Then start doing it!

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