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#CreateShare2015 Check-in

As a result of this challenge I have been reflecting on what it means to be creative. Everyone’s creativity looks different and shows itself in different ways. That is the awesome thing about creativity – there is no way to do it wrong. You just have to do it.

I started off this challenge thinking of how I was going to practice my creativity in big bold ways – script art, sewing headbands for my daughter, working on a baby book, etc. These are all great and I truly enjoy them, but the more I think about it, I don’t necessarily have time for those on a daily basis.  This does not mean that I am not creative or that I am  not practicing creativity each and everyday. Instead of just sharing the big bold creative ventures, I have been looking at the small ways I more commonly practice creativity:

  • Making up games to play with my kids
  • Saying silly words to get my son to laugh
  • Creating a good (or passable) dinner when the refrigerator is just about empty
  • When technology fails at school and I come up with something that isn’t horribly boring as a last minute replacement
  • Attempting to find the best way to photograph my kids at every possible adorable moment
  • Creating new outfit combinations from clothes I have had for awhile

In reality, these are truly ways I practice creativity daily.

I have enjoyed seeing and sharing the bold creative ventures, but how about also sharing the ones that are actually a part of your daily routine as well.


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