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Starting a New Creative Venture? Use This Plan.

Use this step-by-step plan to help you get started with your next creative venture.

If you missed last week’s post (click here), I shared how all you need to start a new creative venture is:

  1. An idea
  2. A plan
  3. Confidence (which you can truly only get from practice).

Today, I want to share a detailed plan with you. It’s not complicated, but it can be difficult to know where to start with something new, so I did the heavy lifting for you 🙂 The plan with help you #1 and #2 on this list. #3 is all on you!

Before we dive in, just a reminder that the term “creative venture” can apply to just about anything: a new business, a new hobby, a new craft, etc. No matter where your ideas falls, this plan can help you get started.

Use this step-by-step plan to help you get started with your next creative venture.

Step-by-Step Plan for Starting a New Creative Venture:

Number 1: Come Up With Your Idea

Decide what you want to do – you might already know, or you might just know that you are feeling the itch to try something new but have not narrowed it down yet.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do, figure out which one of these sounds more like you:

  • I have no idea what new creative venture I want to start.
  • I have too many ideas and don’t know how to narrow it down.

If you have no idea, you need to brainstorm. Come up with as many ideas as possible. Here are a few to get you started: drawing, web design, baking, knitting, animation, sewing, candle-making, coding, jewelry-making, interior design, quilting, architecture, carpentry, the list goes on and on. Hopefully this helps you come up with your IDEA.

If you have too many ideas, you need to brain-dump. Make a list of all the ideas you have. Then decide which one is the most feasible. Consider the following criteria (or come up with your own): time, money, interest level, combine similar ideas into one. Choose one.

Number 2: Gather Resources + Materials/Tools

If you are starting a new creative venture, most likely you are going to have to learn something new. Even if you are an expert knitter, but you have not picked up yarn and needles for the past ten years, you likely are going to need a little help brushing up your skills. Or the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you are a complete novice and are looking to try something new – to flex your creative muscles a bit more. Either way, decide how you are going to learn: visit your local knit shop and sign up for a course, watch some Youtube videos, set-up a date with your neighbor who knits – whatever it is, make a decision about HOW you will learn.

In addition, mostly likely you will need tools or materials of some kind. Figure out what they are (Google it, ask someone, etc.) and get them. Remember, when starting a new creative venture, it is not necessary to have every fancy tool. Just start with the basics. If you find that you enjoy this venture, you can always upgrade later.

Number 3: Make a Plan

It’s awesome that you are starting a new creative venture, but when are you going to work on it? Just buying the tools and materials is not going to get you anywhere – except with a craft room full on projects you are “going to get to someday.”

How often can you realistically work on this new venture? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Be honest with yourself; be realistic with your time and your ability. As you are learning something new, everything is going to take longer than it will down the road. Add it to your calendar – be specific on your calendar. What time of day are you going to work on it and for how long.

Number 4: Start

Get started. Learn it. Make it. Create it. Design it. Build it. Whatever you are planning, do it. Start.

Number 5: Reflect

After you have tried out your new creative venture, it is vital that you stop and reflect. Are you enjoying yourself? Do you want to learn more/increase your skills? Is there a better way to spend your free time?

If you are enjoying yourself and happy, keep going with it! If you are not, do not be afraid to quit and try something new. 

I can’t wait to hear how you implement this plan to start a new creative venture. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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