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Live a Creative Life: The Starter Kit – Part 1

Live a Creative Life: The Starter Kit. A new series from Greens & Blues Co. Click to read part 1 - Your Space.

Live a creative life. It sounds nice, but what does it actually mean? The truth is it can mean something different for each of us. Your creativity doesn’t need to look like anyone’s but your own.

Living your most creative life is not just about having a job as an artist or spending every free minute in your craft room knitting mittens for your kittens. It’s about living a life of happiness and fulfillment. It makes sense then that living out your creativity is not just about your job or your favorite hobbies. It’s much more.

This is Part 1 in a many part series that will take a closer look at each different aspect of living a creative life.

This series is named The Starter Kit because if you are someone who doesn’t feel as though you are creative or can’t understand how your creativity can compare to that of others, this series is your guide to getting started. Or, if you already feel in touch with your creativity, this series will help you fine tune it. Each part in this series will provide you with actionable steps that you can immediately put into practice.

**You will notice the posts in the series are somewhat short. The point of this series is to provide actionable content that you can immediately use as opposed to posing theoretical ideas.  I have tried to keep each post short and to the point, only providing pertinent information you can quickly put into practice.

So let’s dive in!


While you already know that creativity and creative expression look different for everyone, it is also important to note that our lives are very different from each other. One way this is demonstrated is through the different spaces we occupy. Despite this, anyone and everyone (yes you!) can make small adjustments to current living situations in order maximize inspiration and creativity.

Let’s first acknowledge that everyone’s living space is different:

  • You have your own house
  • You moved back home after college and are living in your parents’ basement
  • You are still in high school and living in your bedroom at your parents’ house
  • You have your own tiny apartment
  • You live in your van

Or maybe something else cool I don’t even know about yet, but whatever your current living situation is, the following ideas can be applicable to your space.

Number 1: Determine Your Creative Space

Whatever your living situation is, you can work with it to make it a creative space that inspires you. First, let’s take a look at the layout of your space – tiny or ginormous, it makes no difference.

  1. Determine where “your space” is. Within your apartment, house, van, etc., do you have your own dedicated space? An extra bedroom or office? The corner of your bedroom? Or maybe your space is more flexible. When you are feeling creative, can you put stuff away and take stuff out? How does it work for you? If you live in your van, do you make your bed, pull out a piece of wood that serves as your desk, or do you go outside? Regardless of what your space is, know where your space is so that when you are feeling inspiration, you know where to go to create.
  2. Is your space organized in a way that allows you to have the best chance for your own creative expression? Whether this is organized or cluttered is up to you. But if you know you are someone who cannot relax until everything is picked up and put back in the right spot, be sure that it is organized.
  3. Does your space make you want to create? Does it personify you and your style? Maybe you are in college and all you have to work with is your dorm room. Some ugly neutral paint color chipping off concrete wall – it’s okay, you can still add bits of your style to an empty space. Maybe you like a clean desk and white walls in order for you to create – great do that. Or, you are the type that that wants big colorful pieces of art. Your creative space should personify you. If you are not inspired by what’s around you, something needs to change.

Number 2: Gather Necessary Tools + Materials

Do you have the tools on hand that you need to create? Everyone’s creative expression and creative outlets are different, so I can’t give you a list of necessary tools, but this doesn’t need to be complicated. If you are a knitter, do you have knitting needles, yarn, and a pattern (if need be)? If you are a writer, do you have a notebook and pen or a computer? If you are going to build something, do you have the tools you need? You can’t expect yourself to meet your creative potential if you do not have the tools you need. This is not to say that you need to go out and get every tool possible, especially if you are just starting out. Figure out what the basics are and get those so that when you are inspired, you can just start.

Quick recap – In order for you to turn your space into a creative haven, be sure to check these off:

Live a Creative Life: The Starter Kit - Part 1: Your Space.

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