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Live a Creative Life: The Starter Kit – Part 2

Live a Creative Life: The Starter Kit. A new series on creative living from Katy of Greens & Blues Co. Click to read Part 2 - Your Free Time.

This is Part 2 in a many part series. You can check out Part 1 here.

As I have previously mentioned, living a creative life is not only about quitting your job and becoming an artist or selling sweaters you knit for your cat on Etsy. There are so many different aspects to living a creative life, and today I am sharing maybe the most important (at least in my humble opinion) aspect with you  – your free time.

There are certain things we all have to do each day like taking care of ourselves and our family, going to work, make a living, etc. These things may or may not inspire you (more about that another time), however your free time and how you choose to spend it are all about you. They are only about you – unless you choose to share them with other people. This is when it’s okay to be completely selfish.

Your free time should include hobbies that inspire you. Think about your typical week. How much free time do you normally have? What do you do with it?

Do you watch TV/Netflix?

Do you scroll through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram?

Do you use your free time to get caught up on things like laundry and cleaning?

None of the things I listed are necessarily bad, but are you including time for yourself to practice your creativity? Do you knit? Do you paint? Do you crochet? Do you workout? Do you get together with friends? What do you do for you?

Time to take action

Live a Creative Life: The Starter Kit. A new series on creative living from Katy of Greens & Blues Co. Click to read Part 2 - Your Free Time.

Step 1:

This week, I want you to keep track of your free time. Time that is truly yours and yours alone! Don’t count time that you are by yourself but are supposed to be cleaning, cooking, etc. In reality, you may only have 10 minutes of free time a day. Or you might have 4 hours. Depending on the current demands in your life, you might not have a lot of time, and that is okay. It doesn’t matter how much time you have, what matters is if you are using that time to it’s full potential. Are you working out? Are you reading a book? Watching a Youtube video to learn something new? Trying a new recipe? How are you currently spending your free time?

For this week, track how much free time you have each day and how you spend it.

Step 2:

When your free time is up, how do you feel? Refreshed? Accomplished? Fulfilled? Or do you feel like you wasted your time? It doesn’t matter how you spend your free time as long as it is satisfying to you. Somebody else might think it is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are happy with it, then you are golden!

If I had three hours to spend however I wanted, I would love nothing more to lay on the couch and read a book. I could lay there for three hours, read the entire time, and feel amazing when I am done. That might be someone else’s personal hell. Once again, as long as you are happy + satisfied with how you spent your time, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

If you do feel like you didn’t accomplish anything or you aren’t satisfied, see Step 3!

Step 3:

How do you want to be spending your free time? Do what you want and what you are actually doing matching up? Or do you need to make some changes.

Log your free time for the week and determine whether or not you are using it to it’s full potential. This is not to say that you should never spend time on social media or watching tv – of course not. If it makes you happy then you should definitely do it. But, could you be using that time better? Could you be using it in a way that is more fulfilling for you?

It’s your life – make it about you!

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