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Daily Acts of Creativity: 10 Ways to Inject Creativity Into Your Daily Life

Daily Acts of Creativity: 10 Ways to Inject Creativity Into Your Daily Life. Click to find out more about each.

Everybody is busy. It doesn’t matter who you are, most likely you have a lot going on. However, lack of time cannot be an excuse to stop (or never start) practicing your creativity on a daily basis. Finding a creative outlet that fulfills you and inspires you is too important to not pursue. It can be difficult to figure out how get started, so I did it for you! You’re welcome 🙂

Here are 10 ways to inject creativity into your daily life – and the best part? Each of them will take 10 minutes or less each day!

Number 1

Start a visual thinking journal – similar to a one line a day journal, you illustrate one aspect of your day. Could be as simple as the weather or a happy face if it was a good day. I bought a blank notebook from Michaels and I write several entries on each page. Usually it takes me less than 2 minutes, but even still I feel as though it is pushing me to up my visual thinking game because I have to think of a creative way to illustrate something from my day. Each day that I do it, I get better at visual thinking.

Number 2

Write for 10 minutes a day – set a timer for ten minutes, hit start and get writing. You can hand write in a notebook or just start a Google Doc and continually add to it. Write whatever comes to mind – fiction or non-fiction. The next day, just pick up right where you left off, or start a new strand of thinking if you feel like it. In the future, when you get stuck, you can return to your writing and steal one of your own ideas!

Number 3

Photo Challenge – Set an alarm on your phone to go off at the same time everyday. Take a photo of whatever you are doing at that moment each day. At the end of a set amount of time (a month, 6 months, a year, etc.) look back and reflect. Are you happy/satisfied with the way you are spending your time? Is there anything you would change?

Number 4

Read for 10 minutes each day – read a book, e-book, newspaper, graphic novel, online article, etc., – it doesn’t matter what you read, just read something. Even though reading is consuming information rather than creating, I still consider it a creative act because learning something new can help you be more creative as it can provide you with skills or insight to create something that you previously would not have been able to do. Reading can also serve as inspiration for your next idea!

Number 5

Spend time alone – spend 10 minutes by yourself (preferably outside) just thinking about whatever you want: your goals, dreams, new ideas, what you are thankful for, etc. . Record your thoughts  in some way.

Number 6

Talk it out – open the audio recorder on your phone, hit record and start talking. See where it takes you. I use this more often than I ever thought I would, especially when I have an idea for something but I’m having trouble fleshing out it. If I sit down in front of the computer, it doesn’t go anywhere. But, if I hit record and just start talking about an idea, eventually I am able to make sense of it. Later I play it back and type up my ideas in a Google Doc. Seriously, this helps me every time I do it!

Number 7

Chunk a Big Project – Think you don’t have time to complete a long project? Find one (sewing, building, knitting, etc.) Break it down into ten minutes chunks. Add it to your calendar – be specific. What do you need to accomplish each day? After a while, you will have made something or completed something!

Number 8

Chunk Your Learning – Same ideas as above but instead of making something learn something new. Decide what you want to learn. Gather all of your resources. Break it down into ten minute chunks. Add it to your calendar – be specific. What do you need to accomplish each day? After a while, you will have learned something new!

Number 9

Sign up for a free course online. There are so many free courses available on so many different subject areas. It’s pretty likely you can find a course about something you are interested in. The best part of a free course is that it is likely self-paced. You can work on it just ten minutes a day (or more if you want). Of course, I am partial to one of my free courses such as Challenge Your Creativity or the Find Your CREATIVE SPARK Adventure. Sign up for one of them today!

Number 10

Brainstorm 5 new ideas everyday  – start a Google Doc or a new journal just for this purpose. Each day, add 5 new ideas. Guaranteed that most of them will be absolute crap, but amongst all that crap will be a couple of pieces of gold. Whenever you are feeling stuck, return to it and read it.

Do you need to do all ten of these? Of course not. Read through the list again. See what one speaks to you. You can do it exactly as described or your own interpretation of it.  Or, you can come up with your own. Are you going to paint for at least 10 minutes a day? Are you going to dance? Sew? Draw? Write? Design? Build? You definitely have ten minutes to spare everyday – how will you make the most of that time?

Now that you have decided how practice your creativity for at least ten minutes each day, make a plan to implement in your life. Instead of just saying I am going to start tomorrow at some point. Decide when. Your lunch hour? First thing when you wake up? Before bed? If you don’t make a plan it is very unlikely that you will follow through with it.

I can’t wait to hear how you are going to practice your creativity. Leave me a comment and let me know how you are going to practice your creativity on a daily basis!


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