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Exercise Your Creativity at Work

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Lately, in conjunction with the launch of my new course, I have been exploring (+ sharing) the idea that your creativity is not just for personal use. Your creativity should serve you and you should practice it in your free time (I have been referring to this as “at play”), but you should also be exercising your creativity in other aspects of your life. You spend a huge chunk of your time at work, so it makes sense to also exercise your creativity at work. Otherwise, you are missing out on incredible opportunities to push yourself and your creativity.

Checklist + Roadmap: 5 Ways to Exercise Your Creativity at Work

Click here to learn 5 ways to immediately start practicing your creativity at work. These are five ways that anyone can try at any job without any prior knowledge or practice. In addition, none of them take much time!

If you already have a basic understanding of ways everyone can exercise creativity at work, let’s take it a step further. Let’s make it a little more personal.

Think about your current job. (I say current job because if you are someone who dreams of a different job, that’s awesome and you should totally go for it. However, in the meantime, there is no reason why you can’t exercise your creativity at the job you are currently working.)

Let’s start by making a quick t-chart. On the left side, brainstorm all of the ways you currently practice creativity your job. On the right side of the t-chart, brainstorm the ways that you would like to bring your own personal brand of creativity to work.

Need help? Check out my t-chart for an example.

visual thinking - how I am creative at work vs. how I want to be creative at work.



Take a few minutes and look make your t-chart.

How do you get from the left side to the right side? The easy answer is practice. It is the only way to get from Point A to Point B. The longer answer is a combination of reflection, practice, learning, trial + error, etc.

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