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Free WorkBook: Click.Create.Share.

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Another free WorkBook!. This WorkBook is filled with challenges and projects that will prompt you to think about the photos you take. Designed to be completed over 4 weeks, you will practice your storytelling skills while getting out and taking more photographs.

Click.Create.Share. – As this  title indicates there will be creative prompts for you to challenge your photo-taking skills. In addition, along with each challenge, you will receive directions to complete a project.  To complete each project, you will use the photographs you took that week based on the challenge.  Finally, I encourage you to share your final projects. Whether you want to share a particular photo you are proud of, or an entire project you finish – put yourself out there. Share your work!

Projects from this WorkBook include creative storytelling based on the photos you take for the week. You will also use the photographs you capture to reflect on your own life and tell a story using them. Finally, you will have the opportunity to create an amazing gift for someone while challenging yourself and your photographic skills.

In addition to challenges and projects, this WorkBook includes ideas for resources you can use to complete your stories. You may find these resources are helpful in future projects you have.

Why should you use this WorkBook?  It will challenge you creatively: first, to take photographs that tell a story, and second, you will be inspired to create based on those photos. This WorkBook can be used as a fun challenge or to steer you out of a creative rut.

I’m excited to see what you create from this WorkBook.  Please share using #greensandbluesco or by emailing greensandbluesco@gmail.com.

Click here to get your free WorkBook: Click.Create.Share.


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