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September Inspiration

Like many people, I my absolute favorite time of year is fall – September and October are where it’s at. Because I am so over the top about fall, I made sure not to include the obvious fall choices in this list – but of course I am loving pumpkin candles and such right now. So here is my short list of what is inspiring me currently.

My sister Becky’s instagram account. I may be a biased because she is my sister, but the photographs she takes on her phone are ridiculous. Also, she makes a habit of only spending time in the most beautiful places in the world. Prepare to be awed.

I came across this picture on Pinterest months ago and I keep coming back to it because I love everything about it: the colors, the textures, the composition. It has been my inspiration for several projects.

My favorite online shop for digital downloads is Caravan Shoppe. I absolutely love everything there! Even better, if you browse around, you can find some free downloadable prints. Just looking around the shop makes me want to go create something.

Last week on Pinterest I came across this pin and was introduced to Two If By Sea Studios. I absolutely love her work. The post she writes is definitely worth a read – a great reminder about making time for creativity each and every day. In addition, the graphics in posts are photos of her sketch book and I’m love all of them.

What is currently inspiring you?

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