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Take Responsibility for Your Creativity

Take Responsibility for Your Creativity - stop blaming others for a lack of creativity in your life!

I have been reading so much about creativity lately: books, blog posts, magazine articles, you name it – I have been reading it. And enjoying it. And learning a lot.

One similarity I see amongst almost all of them is that they all include a story about a child who at some point went from feeling endlessly creative to feeling like a creative failure. Then there is usually some sad story about how they never picked up their colored pencils again.

I don’t disagree.  This happens to many children. There is a lot that needs to be changed in education, certainly in terms of creative freedom. But schools aren’t completely responsible for everything. How about as individuals we take control of our own destiny? Maybe you did have some experience that left you feeling like a creative failure when you were younger. I’m sorry. Now get over it.

I too have always felt that I missed out on artistic opportunities in school. Maybe because I focused on more traditional “academic” classes, I was always too busy playing sports, I wasn’t interested at the time – whatever the reason was, I basically took no art classes during my time in school. Looking back, I so wish I had pushed myself creatively and tried something new, especially in college when there were so many opportunities.

Currently, at the top of my list of things to “master” is drawing, or really sketching. This is something I want to accomplish, so I need to do something about it. I can cry that my grade school and high school didn’t have great art programs or that my parents didn’t encourage me to draw, or can I decide that I want to learn how to sketch, so I will.

Take control and responsibility for your creativity.

It’s time to stop blaming schools for everything. Yes, many things need to be changed in education, but regardless, I can’t live the rest of my life complaining about what my school got wrong.

Maybe I am particularly sensitive to this because I am a teacher. But, even more, I feel this way because I think that only way to make a change is to take control of your own life.

What changes can you make today in terms of your creativity?


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