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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Creative Spark

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First, thank you to those of you who responded to me last week. I loved hearing your ideas. If you still want to share, I would love to hear even more!

If you missed it, last week’s post was all about “THE IDEA!” The one that you keep coming back to; the one that, despite your lack of action on it, stays with you.

But, what if you fall into the category or someone who doesn’t have some big idea that they have been thinking about for years and years? What if, instead, you know you want something different, but are not quite sure what it is yet? Maybe you can’t quite pinpoint it, but you know you want to try something new, to learn something new, or to just do something new.

You need to find your creative spark.

Your creative spark can be anything. Well, anything that you are passionate about, that drives you, that you want to learn more about, that you actually want to spend time on.

Your creative spark can be:

  • Something you want to start – a business, a podcast, an event
  • Something you want to try – singing lessons, painting lessons
  • Somewhere you want to go explore – a new adventure
  • Something you want to learn – how to speak another language, how to knit, how to build a table

Does one of these sound like you? Awesome.  Download these worksheets and find your creative spark today. The worksheets will guide you through a set of activities so that you can find your creative spark and be on your way to living a more creative life.

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