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What Are You Doing to Invest in Yourself Today?

What are you doing to invest in yourself today? Are you learning something new? Are you working out? Eating healthy? Making time to meet up with friends? Creating something?

What are you doing in to invest in yourself today? Learning is one way I constantly invest in myself. Enroll in my free course: Learn Anything: An Organized, Creative Approach to learn more.

One easy way to invest in yourself is to learn something new. I have always been happy to admit that I am a total nerd; and as a total nerd, it is no secret that I love learning. I love taking classes and learning new skills – I get giddy just thinking about it. In college, I was always so excited at the beginning of the semester when I could go to the bookstore and pick-up all of the books I was going to need for my classes – ridiculous I know!  As a result of my undying love of learning, I always have a long list of creative pursuits I want work on next or classes I want to take.

Learning something new is one way I invest in myself.

That long list of what I want to learn next? Here is a snippet of it:

  1. Learning to code – html and css
  2. Learning to draw
  3. Graphic design
  4. Digital photography
  5. Using power tools
  6. Watercolor painting

I believe learning and creativity work closely together.  The times I am learning new skills or information is when I feel most inspired and overflow with new ideas. As my skill set in a particular area augments, so does my creativity because the reality of what I can create increases.  By continuing to learn, I continue to challenge myself creatively.

After teaching for almost ten years, it has been become clear that many people struggle with the process of learning something new, not because they are bad at it, but mainly because they do not what the best approach is for themselves to learn. In addition, it can be difficult to draw up a plan for their learning process.

I’m here to help.

Another free course that I recently launched is: Learn Anything: An Organized, Creative Approach to Learning. In this course, you will complete 6 steps that will provide you with ideas, options, and tools guide you through the learning process. Included with each step are downloadable worksheets to help you along the way.

Click here to enroll in Learn Anything: An Organized, Creative Approach to Learning.

Choose one thing you can do to invest in yourself and your happiness today and go do it!

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