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What’s Your (Creative) Problem?

What's Your Creative Problem?

I hope you don’t have a creative problem.

But, the topic of creativity can be frustrating for many people simply because they have never felt that they are creative, or that their creativity was good enough. They like the idea of creativity and living a creative life, but have not yet been able to make it happen.

Does one of the following sound like you?

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as creative. You have never been good at typical creative activities such as drawing, painting, or design. You know you don’t have the skills that other people do in those areas.

You often start a sentence like, well, I’m not creative. Or, I can’t draw. Or, if I was creative I would, but…

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you practice your creative spark weekly or even daily, however you have always wondered if you could take your creative spark and turn it into something more…maybe even a business or career?

Both of these problems are very common. Let’s address “lack of creativity” first.

First of all, you don’t lack creativity.

Your creativity just might be way out of practice. Creativity is a skill and like all skills it requires time and commitment. I have always wished I could draw. But that’s all. I wished I could. I didn’t actually do anything about it. Despite my whining and wishing to the contrary, I never did anything to change it and as a result, I never got any better at drawing.

Mind-blowing stuff here. However, it seems as though many people believe that creativity is either something they have or they don’t. End of story, nothing can change it. Of course this is not true.

Creativity is not expensive, it is not a limited resource, not something for only a few special people. Creativity is for all. But, nobody can make you be more creative. You can’t hope and wish for a specific creative skill, you have to put in the hard work and actually do it.

So what steps can you take today to change this? How can you make creativity a part of your daily routine? I say this all the time, but creativity doesn’t equal art. Creativity takes many different forms. Start by making a list of all the ways you use your creativity in a normal day.

Now let’s address thoughts of wanting to turn your creative spark into a business. You (as compared to the first group) have a good grip on your creativity. You know you are creative and you practice your creativity on a daily basis.

Nobody can tell you whether what you create or make is “good enough” for a business. That is up to you to decide. Just like the first group, you also have to make the decision about how much you want it.

The idea of working for yourself and spending all day creating something is great in theory, but the reality is much more difficult. Do you love your creative spark enough to do it all the time? Are you passionate enough about it to put in all the other work that comes with running a business so that you can dedicate yourself to your creative spark?

What are the first steps you can take towards solving this problem? Set a timer for 3 minutes and free-write about why you should start a business based on your creative spark. Then, set a timer for 3 minutes and free-write about why you shouldn’t start a business based on your creative spark. When you are done, read through them and decide which one sounds more enticing.

Of course, these are not the only two creative problems that exist. Do you have a different one? Leave a comment and tell me what it is.

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