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What’s the point of Greens & Blues Co.?

whats the point

Greens & Blues Co. – providing inspiration and resources to help you design your own creative path.

So what does this even mean?  What’s the point of Greens and Blues Co.

Some of this I mentioned in my very first post, but I definitely think it is worth mentioning again. I want Greens and Blues Co. to be a place that inspires people, and provides them with resources and tools to design their own creative path.

What types of inspiration can you expect?

Since I am such a book lover, I plan to share books that inspire me. If you have read my previous posts you will know that I love all kinds of books and find inspiration across different genres. Expect to hear my thoughts on the book, and at least one way it challenged me creatively.  Inspiration could also be products that I love or want to try.  Or people that are inspiring me: awesome businesses, kick- ass instagramers, or well-written blogs.

What types of resources will I share with you?

The internet is filled with companies providing awesome tools to make our lives easier – I will share them when I find them and try them out.  This could be organizational, creative, or just plain fun.

Now for the most important:

What does creative path even mean?

Although I love to craft, diy, etc., this is not a craft blog.  My intention for Greens & Blues Co. is to craft it in such a way that it can apply to anyone – anyone interested in challenging themselves and creating their best life.

As I also mentioned in an earlier post, I love to learn. So for me, designing my creative path is creating a plan for lifelong learning.  Determining what it is I want to learn next and how I will execute that plan. Usually I want to learn something that simply interests me or that I think will improve my life in someway, otherwise, what’s the point?

For you, the phrase “creative path” probably means something very different. Is it learning a new language? Changing careers? Quitting your job and starting to travel? Is it teaching yourself how to become a photographer?

Whatever it is, you need a plan. You need certain skills in order to execute that plan. That’s where Greens & Blues Co. can help you. Have no fear, a step-by-step guide is coming soon.

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