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Why Greens & Blues?


Behind the Name: Why Greens & Blues Co.

Trying to come up with a name for my website/shop/business was one of the most difficult parts of this process. There are so many business names that I think are so awesome and inspiring (A Beautiful Mess, Handmade Charlotte, etc). Even more than that, they instantly conjure up an image when you hear the name. As a result, I put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with the “perfect” name.  I have pages and pages and pages of ideas in my notebook.  So many combinations of color + thing I love, or object found in nature + color I love.  Most of them probably were not horrible, but they did not mean anything to me – they were not special.

Let’s rewind to a day last summer when I complained to my husband about how I was having so much trouble coming up with a name. I’ll admit that my complaining was strategic in that I secretly was hoping he would come up with an amazing idea for me – he is usually much better at this kind of thing than I am. I told him a couple of the ideas I had, none of which I was too excited about.  No surprise, he wasn’t into any of them.

I did have one other idea, and this one I actually liked. I hesitated to tell him this name because I did like it and did not want him to shoot it down. Plus, saying it out loud was a scary step to take. But, when I told him the name Greens & Blues – he liked it.  When I told him why – he loved it.

So what does Greens & Blues mean?

In the midst of all my naming struggles, I started to think about the “why.” Why was I starting a business? What was the point of all of this? What was I hoping to achieve? Why did I feel I needed to do this?

Why – Creativity is something I am interested in.  I enjoy creative pursuits, learning, and challenging myself. Great, but can’t I do all of those without starting a business? Yes, of course. However, I am a teacher.  I have been a teacher for the past 8 years, and knew that teaching is what I wanted to do (in some way or another) for many years before that. I like to share knowledge and to facilitate learning for others. It is just who I am.

Once I figured out the why, I tried to come up with a name that could embody all of that. Obviously that is pretty close to impossible to do, so instead I thought that if I was going to have a business about creativity, I needed to think about what inspires me. This process still took awhile, but finally I landed on Greens & Blues.

Various greens and blues are some of my favorite colors, but it is more than that. Greens and blues are the colors of Ireland. My husband and I have been to Ireland twice and have plans to go back as often as we can make it happen. It is our favorite. For me, the beauty of the country can be summed up by greens and blues. So many ridiculously beautiful shades of green and blue can be viewed all at once and those shades are consistently and constantly changing throughout each day. In no way does this description do it justice.

Just thinking about both of our trips to Ireland makes me happy. Not just the beauty of the landscape, but the people, the music, the culture – all of it inspires me. So I named my business Greens & Blues Co. as a way to remind myself each and everyday of a place, that for me, equates to happiness and inspiration.


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